That's me, Shelley, on the right. This picture was taken the day I decided to take charge of my own healing.

Stop waiting for others to fix your persistent concussion symptoms. Get in the driver's seat of your own recovery with this evidence based program designed by an Occupational Therapist.

Here you will find real tools and movement practices to get you out of symptoms and back to an active life. We consider all three aspects of mind-body and spirit in your recovery.


THREE: A Post Concussion Recovery Program


Get Educated

Get educated on the real brain injury facts and how to recover from concussion. 

Here you'll find up to date concussion information on topics such as mindset. exercise, headaches, the neck, symptom management and understanding the autonomic nervous system. It is all laid out in weekly topics and there is time for questions!

This program was created by a concussion literate clinician to save you the screen time and overwhelm of scattered  searches for help.

Get Empowered

Get Empowered by learning how to build therapy into your daily life and favourite activities. 

Welcome to THE toolbox you'll need of post concussion tips, hacks and strategies to overcome concussion symptoms fast. We keep this toolbox well oiled and updated, AND we personalize it to YOU. 

This program is video or audio based, with handouts so that you don't need to notetake. 

Get Moving

Discover a mindful movement practice that totally transforms the way you feel.

Here you will be guided through 12 progressive yoga classes designed specifically for concussion recovery, by a concussion literate athlete/therapist/yogi.

This means we consider, accommodate and challenge the neck, nervous system, vision and vestibular systems.

FREE: 5 Things you can do to Jumpstart your Recovery

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Meet your coach !

Hello, I'm OT Shelley. I'm a cyclist, a yogi and a nature lover who loves to hike, swim in the ocean and be outdoors. With more than 20 years experience as an Occupational Therapist in neurology, I can tell you that occupation matters. We want to be able to do the things we love. And when we can't, because of impairment, things can absolutely go haywire in our mind, body and spirit.

What brought me here? As a concussion survivor myself, I've been on the search, I've done the exercises , I've felt the hard feels. But I saw something missing in traditional concussion care. Education.Empowerment. A Mind Body approach. The things that build resilience. And so slowly, The power of THREE began to emerge; A program combining the learning with the doing . Welcome.

My big Why, a letter.

In 2016 I clocked my head on a log while running the beach at sunset. Then in 2017 I crashed while skiing and landed on my head. Now even though I am an OT who had worked with brain injury clients, I had no idea how awful it felt to be on this side of things. I couldn't think of words, I didn't feel like socializing, and my brain was in a complete fog. Every time I went to do my favourite exercise and activities I would get symptoms like dizziness, headaches and unclear thinking. I didn't know anyone with concussion. I spent days on searches for the right help but nothing worked. And then when I found help, driving 45 min to therapy worsened my symptoms. So I hung out at my local yoga studio. I went walking, then running, in nature. I gradually got back on my bike. And finally found a local practioner or two. But there was still something missing. A mentor or teacher, a sense of empowerment, real tools, support from others with concussion..So as I kept improving, I made it my mission the next few years to create the missing piece and share it with others. And so my friends...after a year of hard work, here it is. The education and movement practices you need to completely uplevel your concussion recovery." Shelley 


"What an amazing and profound gift this  Post Concussion Recovery  Program was to my life! It has completely changed my life and instilled in me mind, body, and spiritual practices that have made such a difference and impact on my complete whole body recovery for my overall health! I am so incredibly thankful to Shelley for creating this program!!."

THREE: A Post Concussion Recovery program. 

Unlock the power of nervous system regulation to successfully rehab and overcome post concussion symptoms.

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"This program has put me on a clear path. I do not need to search and scramble for answers and guidance. Shelley navigates, supports  us and challenges us through the daily obstacles of concussion .. 

The yoga classes are incredibly valuable to have on hand at any time I need them..grounding and somatics classes have been my favourite so far; they create safety in my brain and body. 

This course extends beyond concussion recovery, into a new, more mindful way of living. Thank You."


“Thank you 🙏. You helped me do all the right things after my concussion … who knew there were so many!? Doing normal stuff early, exercising for the brain, pacing, brain breaks…I learned a lot!

The yoga helped me see I wasn’t breathing properly and my body was holding so much tension from the trauma. It also helped me to calm my nervous system and get my neck and body moving again without getting scared by symptoms”

Basic program

$750 CA for 6 months

Top features

  •  14 weeks of content
  • Videos
  • Complete handouts (no notetaking required)
  • Journaling activities
  • Updated weekly yoga classes 
  • New: Access to content for 3 bonus months !

Premium program

$1395 CA for 6 months

Most Popular (includes weekly coaching and illustrated manual)

  • The same 14 weeks of content PLUS
  • 2 x weekly live coaching calls with an OT !
  • FREE workshop with a nutritionist specializing in concussion
  • AND a hot off the press updated illustrated WORKBOOK so that you don't have to print anything out !!!
  • Bonus Live Yoga classes
  • Access to content for 3 bonus months!