Vitality Yoga

So you did a yoga class, and that's it. Hmm..Do you wish for a class with after effects that carry on into your week; mentally and physically? With a supportive mentor and passionate group vibe?


Meet OT Shelley 

Shelley is a neurophysiology trained yoga instructor and holistic occupational therapist who truly cares about your well being.

  • Correct physiology and clear instruction
  • Relates poses to real life movements and emotions
  • Creative moves¬†help you get to know your body and it's edges
I'm curious!


Class Format

Welcome to your online virtual studio where you feel like part of somethiing special

  • No zoom link, just an easy open the classroom and join
  • Reminders¬†re. live class start
  • Recording of class available all week
This sounds good!


All the extras

Leave class with a theme, and something to carry through your week

  • Written mantras and notes
  • A space for questions and comments that I will reply to
  • Movement snacks you can come back to¬†
I want in on this!

Want a taste of it?

“After today's class I feel taller, different. I loved the mantra "I lead with my  heart today in confidence and compassion"  I've honestly used it all week.



‚ÄúI feel like I'm part of a community, but if¬†I miss the class I can still do it on my own time that week; super convenient‚ÄĚ



"I'm inspired by what I am learning: The core is our power center. From here we breathe deeply, find balance and derive strength and energy.‚ÄĚ



Become a Vitality Yogi


Get the most out of yoga and learn how to take it with you off the mat to create energy and vitality in your life.